Eng Subs; Hiroki Narimiya’s Appearance on A-Station

So I’ve been in a Narimiya mood of late for no reason whatsoever. I’ve never been a fan though I do like watching him. Anyway I happened to stumble across this EXCELLENT interview on A-Station. I know I’m late to the game, but his brother was interviewed and he revealed things that I never knew about him. No matter if you’re a fan of his I think his life story is so amazing. I laughed and almost cried watching this. Most importantly, my respect for him skyrocketed. So I decided to sub it.

He talks about a couple of things – when he dropped out of school and what he did before becoming and actor. He talked about how he brought his brother up and the philosophy behind his actions. He laughed at the funny interactions he would have with his brother, including how he first met his now sister-in-law. He reflected on acting and the industry.


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Part 1

Part 2


Eng Subs; Hiroki Narimiya’s Appearance on A-Station