20 Narimiya Hiroki facts you may or may not know

So Narimiya’s retirement announcement hit me a little harder than I expected. I’d never thought of myself as a big fan, but as I said, I’ve been watching a number of his interviews this year. And of course, the year I start to really be interested is the year he decides to leave. For me, I feel that it’s wise of him to take care of himself first, but there’s also a part of me that is sad about it.


But anyway, I digress. There’s been a lot of information and probably misinformation floating around about Narimiya. He is a generally private person and does fewer appearances, and very few of these appearances are subbed, the English speaking fandom may not know that much about him.

So for people who are interested, I’m going to pull out facts from interviews and appearances that I’ve watched. Please note that these are not exhaustive and also most of these facts are from recent appearances. He really is an interesting person.

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20 Narimiya Hiroki facts you may or may not know