[eng subs] Fukuyado Honpo ~ Kyoto Love Story Ep 4

I think it’s perfectly fine for women to be portrayed as being supportive of the men they love. I think it’s fair to say that if you love someone you would want them to succeed and do whatever you can to see that they do. But I love it even more when it is a man who willingly supports a woman in fulfilling her dream or doing what she loves. That’s my favourite thing about this episode.

I have timed the softsubs to MQ raws I found. I will hardsub them once I get my hands on HQ raws, so in the meantime please do not take these to modify as captions/hardsubs/streams.

If anyone can supply HQ (720p/1080p) raws, please hit up my askbox, I’d be really grateful.  


– Please do not steal these files and claim them as your own.

– Please do not repost. Reblog / Link people to this blog or to this masterpost.

Thanks y’all 🙂


(Oh yass, azuki!)

 subs | raw (credit) | recap | masterpost

*P.S. My family’s coming over for a holiday, and I haven’t seen them since I’ve moved to Japan so, I’ll be taking a couple of weeks break from subbing to spend proper time with them. I’ll continue midway in Jan. 

[eng subs] Fukuyado Honpo ~ Kyoto Love Story Ep 4

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