[eng subs] Fukuyado Honpo Ep 1

Surprise! We’ve reached the halfway point of this show, and it still hasn’t disappointed me. Ichihara Hayato and Hayami Akari are really killing it with their chemistry. I really love it, so I decided to sub it. And hopefully there will be more people to rave over it with me! 🙂 

I have timed the softsubs to MQ raws I found. I will hardsub them once I get my hands on HQ raws, so in the meantime please do not steal these to modify as captions/hardsubs/streams.

If anyone can supply HQ (720p/1080p) raws, please leave me comment, I’d be really grateful.  


– Please do not steal these files and claim them as your own.

– Please do not repost. Reblog / Link people to this blog or to this masterpost.

Thanks y’all 🙂

subs | raw (credit) | recap | masterpost

Two words you need to know: okashi and wagashi

okashi is the umbrella term for sweets and snacks. As part of a Japanese tea ceremony, okashi usually refers to confections or sweets that have a harder, dry texture or are crunchy. Sometimes they can also refer to jellies and other non-traditional confections. You can usually use your hand to eat them.


wagashi is the name of traditional Japanese confections. They are usually bigger, softer, and filled with bean paste. You will usually use a special pick to eat them.



[eng subs] Fukuyado Honpo Ep 1

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