5 Scenes that Elevated Juhan Shuttai! Above Your Average Feel Good Drama (Part 2/5)

Nakata, oh Nakata. What can I say but this smol goblin needs to be protected at ALL costs. I never thought a character introduced mid-series would have such an impact on my frosty heart. Nakata as a character is a real winner with his brash honesty, his competitiveness, his desperation, his helplessness, his genius, his willingness to learn.

Scene 2: Nakata meets Ayu

Throughout episode 9 Nakata struggles to put a face to the female character for his manga. And in order to find ‘her’ he even has a run-in with the law. He meets her in the most unlikely of circumstances, and the reason why this scene stood out to me so much is that I never expected it to be a character that had already been introduced before, much less Ayu, genius mangaka Uroshida’s teenage daughter.

However, just like how it suddenly clicks for Nakata as she walks away from him – It makes so much sense as an audience. Ayu, rational and wise beyond her years, kind with a tinge of melancholy, does seem to be the kind of protagonist for the world of Peeve Transition. This combination that also happens to push the story forward is great that it’s entirely unexpected. Who would have thought that in a middle of two converging storylines, Rinne running away and Nakata struggling to find a model on which to base his character, a seemingly unrelated party would turn up? Maybe it’s just that I’m really bad at drawing connections, but I like to be surprised, and this scene showed that it doesn’t take a huge plot twist to achieve that effect.


What I personally love about it is that Nakata immediately falls to the ground and draws her. It speaks so much about his disregard for protocol. It is entirely in keeping with his character.


5 Scenes that Elevated Juhan Shuttai! Above Your Average Feel Good Drama (Part 2/5)

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