5 Scenes that Elevated Juhan Shuttai! Above Your Average Feel Good Drama (Part 1/5)

It’s gonna be awhile before I ‘get over’ this show. So here’s a look back at 5 times Juhan Shuttai! really tugged at my heartstrings, or surprised me with its masterful storytelling and clever camera choices.

Scene 1: Wada quietly thanks Yasui, and Yasui walks through the office

Yasui’s story was one that I wanted to throw a table at honestly. It was going in the highly melodramatic flashback direction and for awhile there, I, having had my expectations lowered over the years, really thought that they were going to ‘change’ Yasui and have him have an epiphany to become more Kurosawa-ish. But no, Yasui doesn’t change and go back to the way he was because in reality what has past has past and he has made a decision for himself. Yasui doesn’t NEED to change. For most of the episode we thought Yasui was bitter and conniving, but it turns out that he has merely changed his outlook and resolution.


In a masterful turn-around towards the end of the episode, the show is able to change our perspective on Yasui. While he may seem blase about artistes and uncaring about VIBES, he cares deeply for the future of the magazine. His ‘crusher’ ways allow him to put in the time where it counts, save his marriage, pull in sales.

Wada acknowledges this by telling him:

Yasui tells him he’s just doing it for his salary, but the subsequent moments speak otherwise. As a re-emphasis of Wada’s words, Yasui walks past the other editors in deep, animated discussions with the manga artists under their care.


We already know the deep trust and relationship between these two pairs from previous episodes, so it is deeply affecting, when we get one last flashback of Yasui and Kato, and their own bond.


It adds a whole new level of pathos to the show, knowing that deep inside Yasui is no longer the idealistic editor he used to be, but he still cares for manga artists and manga as a craft.


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