Thoughts; Jdramas and Adultery

So, it must be the season of marriage infidelity in Jdrama land, what with Fukigen na Kajitsu just wrapping up and Seisei Suruhodo, Aishiteru airing soon. It’s not to say that there’s never been affairs portrayed in Jdramas, but they tend to focus more on a male protagonist and long-suffering wives and mistresses who know what’s going on but kind of just deal with it because…loyalty, societal pressures and what not.

So it’s interesting that females are now the protagonists of these stories. The last show I watched with an affair was Shitsuren Chocolatier, it ended disastrously in my opinion and (spoiler alert) I was truly offended that 1) Sota couldn’t get a grip and pursue the good thing he had with Erena and 2), the drama had Saeko returning to her ABUSIVE HUSBAND.

While I still don’t know what slant Seisei is going to take, and what it’s stand on this issue will be, it seems that it will highly romanticize it. I’m not big on either Takizawa Hideaki and Takei Emi so I’m not keen, but I may just watch out of thematic curiosity.

Fukigen na Kajitsu I sped watched and here’s the thing, I appreciate that it had a candid look on affairs and relationships. It showed that no person, no matter how romantic or perfect they seem, actually are. It took a dig at the fact that if a person cheats at one point, they could very do so again.

I understand and appreciate TV for portraying societal realities. In fact, I think that there is definitely a place for that. TV is not meant to be sunshine and roses. It’s not meant to be clandestine.

But I don’t think Jdramas have reached the point where they are really grappling with the issues. They are inching in that direction, and Fukigen is certainly one of the ones that try to examine motivations and consequences.

Yet at the heart of it I’m still not sure that I feel comfortable watching shows that, in general, portray adultery in a positive light. I’ve just had so many family members and friends hurt so badly by cheating partners. I’ve also had friends cheat on their partners as well, and hey it’s not that awesome for them either. It’s just so much pain all around.

And on the other hand I wonder if it’s a problem with me as a viewer? Things that I can objectively view on American TV, make me slightly disconcerted in Jdrama – does that speak of my expectations? And on a related note, do expectations and the maturity of Jdrama audiences hinder the growth of the industry?

I’m not sure if anyone has the same mixed feelings regarding this?

(P.S. Caps not mine)

Thoughts; Jdramas and Adultery

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